Building Permit

A Building Permit is a means by which the City of Calgary gives its approval for the construction of any new interior renovation of an existing building as it relates to the Alberta Building Code. Examples of what the plans examiner looks for would be structural specifications, handrail heights, the fire rating of walls, emergency and exit lighting, etc. Most of the issues deal with life safety, either for the occupants or the fire fighters who must enter to deal with emergencies. A building permit, once applied for, usually takes about 2-3 weeks for approval.

Development Permit - Change in Use

A 'change in use' is required (in an existing to new tenant situation) whenever a change is being made in the type of occupancy. If the space was anything other than medical (i.e. retail, office, personal services) and the new occupancy is going to be a medical office for example, then a 'change in use' is required. The main reason for this is to determine if the parking is sufficient for the new use. If the space was previously approved as a medical office then just a building permit is required (as well as electrical and plumbing permits).

If it is a new building and this is the first tenant in the space, it will require a 'change in use' application if the use falls under "discretionary use". If it is an approved use under the bylaw, then it should not require a change in use. A building permit cannot be obtained until the' change in use' has been approved. The 'change in use' can take from 2-4 weeks for approval.

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